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Dog Activity Spot

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Training, Activities and Behaviour for you and your dog

Dorothea lives with three rescue dogs, all of whom came with their special quirks, so she understands, not just as a professional but personally, how challenging it can be to manage and adjust undesired behaviour. As a member of PPG, you can be assured that Dorothea is dedicated to force-free training (no shock, no pain, no choke, no physical force, no physical moulding, no compulsion based methods) and in all her training methods the relationship between you and your dog comes first.










Lenny, George and Skye-Mouse are the K9 members of Dog Activity Spot; Lenny is a senior (nearly 14 years old) and retired from agility competitions a few years ago, started taking part successfully in TD rally® trials instead, loves to show off his dance moves and tricks in fun displays and is present at most classes as a demo dog. George (8 years old) competes in UKA agility competitions on senior and champ-level, takes part in TD rally® trials and is a pro in treibball as well as is getting the hang of Hoopers. He is a quick learner when it comes to tricks and absolutely loves games classes (his favourite games are bottle-bowling and find-games). The newest and youngest member of the Dog Activity Spot family is Skye-Mouse. She is 4 years old and started treibball, hoopers and agility training as well as a little bit scent training and of course games and tricks.

Dog Activity Spot is owned and run by Dorothea Lambert, a qualified and professional dog trainer, behavioural trainer and dog activity instructor. Dorothea is a fully approved instructor with ADTB (Academy of Dog Training and Behaviour) a fully accredited dog trainer with PACT (Professional  Association of Canine Trainers) as well as a registered animal training instructor with the ABTC (Animal behaviour and training council) and a proud member of the Pet Professional Guild (Association for force free pet professionals).

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