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Training, Activities and Behaviour for you and your dog

TD Rally® (Rally Obedience)

Rally involves you and your dog working as a team to navigate a course with numbered stations indicating different user-friendly obedience exercises to perform; think of it as a sort of ‘obedience exercise obstacle course’ including simple exercises such as: Sit Down, Turn Left,  Straight Figure 8, Serpentine, U-Turn and many more.


At Dog Activity Spot we teach and train Talking Dogs Rally®, which is based on the original rally obedience, created by Charles Kramer in 2000 in the USA, and this UK version is perfect for pet dogs and their owners. TD Rally® welcomes dogs and handlers of all ages and abilities and crossbreeds as well as pedigrees. TD Rally® encourages owners to compete against their own previous scores rather than just against other competitors.


Dog Activity Spot welcomes all dogs and handlers; those who would like to take up this activity as a competition sport and those who just like to enjoy some quality time with their dog.



NEW 6 weeks term start dates:


Monday evenings


21st October 2019


You have missed the start of a new term? Please enquire if there is still space in the group, as you can join any time during a term as long as group is not already fully booked.


Venue: Wedgewood Farm, Hazeley Heath, Hook, near Hartley Wintney


Term: 6 weekly sessions

Costs: £60


TD Rally® Level 1/2 Trainingsgroup



TD Rally® Level 1 Introduction /Beginner Trainingsgroup








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The INTRODUCTION course will cover the TD Rally Level1 station signs and foundation moves.



The LEVEL1 TRAINING-GROUP is suitable for teams whom attended a TD Rally workshop or a rally course previously and would like to continue training as preparation for rally trials or just for enjoying a fun team-bonding activity.