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Training, Activities and Behaviour for you and your dog

Testimonials - Training

"Doro has a unique ability to nurture the best in you, your dog and your partnership in an atmosphere of fun and support."

Rachel Hay, Mytchett with Tinker Beagle (games class and tricks/freestyle workshop)

"We have taken part in several of the Dog Activity Spot games classes and both of us have thoroughly enjoyed them.  The classes are small, never more than six dogs, and varied with plenty of different types of activities.  Some of the games are ‘useful’ like learning to tidy away toys and others are just for fun like the dog bowling over bottles with his snout.  All training is by positive reinforcement and the games are modified to suit the different aptitudes and levels of competence of the dogs.  Our major achievement is that Scamp has learned to retrieve in the games classes, something which we had thought he would never achieve having failed previously.  However, with Doro’s patient guidance we found a way to teach him that we both enjoyed and which worked. "

Frankie Watkins, Fleet with Scamp English Springer Spaniel (games class)

"Jazz, our Springer Spaniel,  has been home boarding with Doro since she was 5 months old.  From day one we felt we could trust Doro and instinctively knew she would take good care of Jazz.  When we go on holiday or have long days out Jazz goes to stay with Doro, Lenny and George.  Doro is clearly very knowledgeable and experienced and knows how to get the best out of any dog.  We recently attended the games class which Jazz loved and at the same time increased her concentration and obedience.  As her owners we learnt a lot too!  In short we totally recommend Doro and her work at Dog Activity Spot. "

Squirrell family and Jazz


"Arnie and I love each class we go to, including games and treibball. Arnie gets to work for rewards and to use his brain, which is great. Each exercise is broken down so lots of opportunity to succeed. The power of positive reinforcement is amazing. Thanks to Dorothea for opening my eyes to it.

Alex Collins and Arnie, Staffordshire Bullterrier


"Treibball is really fun and interesting it helps gain a better relationship between you and your dog, also there are lots of great tricks to learn as well!! "

Kelcee-Mae 12 yo with Buster (2 yo Shi Tzu x Pap)

"Treibball and Doro are BRILLIANT!!"

"I contacted Doro for some 1-2-1 lessons in Treibball as I have a reactive 4 yo BC Wizard.  Doro was very understanding of his needs and felt we would be ok in a class environment, as class numbers are small and there would be enough space for Wizard to get away.  Doro was also very good in explaining to the rest of the class about Wizard.

As for the Treibball, Wizard and I have had so much fun.  We have completed 2 6 wk courses and will be starting another 6 wks soon. It has been really good teaching him something new, it was like having a puppy again!!  It has also help us build a better relationship and even improved our partnership at agility getting more clear rounds and much higher placings!!"  

Natasha Jokhoo with Wizard Border Collie

Scamp Perfect Retrieve 2 Tinker in her box

Through Doro and various advance classes we did together, my understanding of dogs is so much greater. The awareness of their space and being in a relax zone is up-most. The tricks and tasks come easier to them in this state.  Training has always been fun and with great insight to the mind of my and other dogs which, was not obvious before.  Doro has help me personnel with my dogs nervous frame of mind and has given so much positive advice and guidance to allow our walks to be a little less stressful and to be quite honest much more pleasant. The best advice is ‘you don’t have to take your dog to meet other dogs if they are not happy to do so.  It’s ok to keep your distance and he be in a happy state of mind’.   

Carole with Rivit (Tibetian Terrier)

I have been using Doro’s Dog Activity Spot services for two years now, including walking and obedience training classes for my Jack Russell Stanley. The classes were very fun and informative for both me and my dog and I learnt tricks and tips which I still use on a daily basis to keep Stanley stimulated and certainly more obedient. Doro has also been extremely helpful when it comes to walking Stanley, whether adding walks last minute or swapping some around, the service has always been punctual, professional and above all else fun for Stanley. I would recommended Doro’s service any time to anyone, whether Jack Russell or Great Dane!.

James and Stanley (Jack Russell), GAMES-class and Dog Walking Clients


My young dog Summer recently went to Doro's Life Skills Foundation Class and we both had a great time. Summer was very attentive and eager to learn in the classes, I was able to talk through and get advice for the few issues that I had with her. We may not have completed all of our homework during the week, but we still managed to behave well in class. A lovely small class and you are given loads of excellent advice re both dog care and behaviour.

Karen and Summer (LabradorXCockerSpaniel)

I have just finished the Life Skills Foundation Class with my 15 months old Labrador, Finlay. We both really enjoyed it. The class is fun & informative & ideal for those new to dog training or those who need a refresher course/help with the basics. The classes aren't huge (max 6) and Doro explains everything very clearly. This course will definetely help you and your dog have a good, happy relationship. Looking forward to attending the Games Class.

Thanks from Lisa and Finlay (Labrador).